After spending a year posting photos to the Pixyblog service, I decided it was time to set up my own photoblog. Nothing against Pixyblog, but I couldn’t justify spending money on a blog hosted elsewhere when I’m already paying for web hosting once.


Long story short, I’ve set up a new photoblog on my own server…since I was already paying for it anyway.


I’m sure I’ll update this about page from time to time when I update things on the photoblog itself, but I wanted to get this out and running because if I didn’t – it would just sit.


Now you can purchase prints and send e-cards of any one of the photos which is available. Simply click on the associated link below the photo to send an e-card or purchase a print. The printing and sending of the e-card are done with a service called Fotomoto. All you have to do is go through the simple ordering process and you’ve got yourself a photo!